Day 53: Thinking Outside the Box

Day 53 in the eco garden

Our plants are starting to “think” (or rather grow) outside the box — literally! In hindsight, having more than one sprawling plant in the eco garden was a mistake. Our sprawlers include pumpkins, zucchini, squash and watermelon.

I guess it’s not surprising that they’ve all decided to spread their vines and venture out into the yard. Plants really are tenacious in this way. Rather than “giving up” they set out to find space and resources! I think this is one of the lessons of the garden.

We’ve harvested beans and tomatoes, neither of which lasted long! We got about one dinner’s worth of broccoli as well, and it’s not looking good for another harvest any time soon. According to our live-out (advising from afar) gardener, “broccoli is finicky and doesn’t like heat or humidity.” We’ve had a lot of both recently in the midwest. Maybe we’ll have another harvest this fall when the temperatures are consistently cooler.

Our Brussel sprout plants aren’t growing very well, but they do provide a lot of entertainment with water drops!

pumpkin day 53eco garden day 53herb garden day 51
pumpkin day 53
eco garden day 53
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